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Green Mix

Green Mix

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The Green Mix by Ancient Greens is a green raw mix of spinach, lemon, apple. It is a natural source of phytonutrients that are easily accessible for the body.

It’s designed to increase your green intake daily. Each ingredient has grown in rich soil, using high quality seeds. No preservatives, additives, coloring agents or pesticides!

Due to our delicate drying process, Green Mix Powder preserves it’s taste, flavor, color and the nutritional profile.

How to use?

Mix 1tbsp. (appx. 7.5g) Green Mix with water, plant milk or a delicious smoothie.

1 serving of Green Mix per day is enough to achieve the daily intake of micronutrients beneficial for serving the gut microbiome, digestion and general health.

Adopt a daily routine to enjoy your Green Mix every day;
Add to smoothie bowls, sauces, yogurt, your breakfast bowl! You can visit ourrecipe page to get some ideas..

Ingredients: Spinach, lemon, apple, fresh green chickpea, mint, wheatgrass juice
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