What We Do

Carboon Footprint

At Ancient Greens, we do everything from a single point; such as research and development, production, packaging, storage, distribution. We integrate rather then segregate. Thus, we minimize our operational CO2 emissions and our carbon footprint. In our self-sufficient and no-waste production model- inspired by the forest ecosystem- we produce every input ourselves. We do not need any external raw material or semi-finished product. Since the input and output are both being created under the same roof of Ancient Greens, we also eliminate any carbon emissions that may occur from purchasing different materials in order to manufacture an end-product . We calculate each stage of production and packaging in terms of carbon foot print and choose methods& materials that reduce the carbon footprint the most. We adopt the principle of respect for the environment as much as human health; because we believe human health is intimately linked to environment.

Lokal & Kadın İş Gücü

Bir kadın girişimi olarak, kadınların iş hayatında sürdürülebilir bir şekilde var olmalarını ve yükselmelerini destekliyoruz. Kadını ev işleri ve “özel alanla”, erkeği ise geçim ve “kamusal alanla” sınırlayan toplumsal cinsiyet rollerini kabul etmiyor, kadın işgücünün kalkınmadaki rolünü biliyor ve cinsiyet dengeli bir bakış açısını benimsiyoruz.

Tüm çalışanlarımızın yerel, yakın çevreden olmasına özellikle dikkat ediyor ve yine çalışanlarımızın verdikleri emeğin öneminin farkında olarak, refahlarını, güvenliklerini, sağlıklarını ve mutlu çalışabilecekleri bir ortam yaratabilmeyi önceliklendiriyoruz. Çalışanlarımızdan değil, çalışanlarımızla kazanç elde etmek istiyoruz.

Natural Sunlight

We believe sun light flues plants with exactly what they need to be healthy and grow naturally. This full spectrum of sun light converts into food for plants and allows to maximize photosynthesis and light absorbing chlorophyll and phytochemicals as they grow. Chlorophyll aids in various aspects related to detoxifying and maintaining healthy blood. We adopt a hybrid model at Ancient Greens. The controlled environment plays a critical role in pests and mold control. On the other hand, we’re not aiming to replicate what nature does flawlessly. We’re using natural sunlight; not the artificial light sources common in vertical farming. Our production is always in accordance with the nature’s biorhythm. Thus, we’re maximizing the nutritional profile whilst saving energy.

Ancient Heirloom Seeds Blend

Considerations for organic and natural farming practices is a fundamental part to ensuring quality product but the origins of the seed are also worth shining light. Ancient greens only use’s heirloom seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. In most recent years, research has shown that heirloom seeds are more nutritious then newer Hybrid or GMO varieties. They provide more taste because no chemicals have been used during their production.
Thanks to our blend of ancient heirloom seeds; our wheatgrass is very nutritious and tasty at the same time. Different varieties in different portions makes our wheatgrass on the sweeter side and adaptable to different recipes. Heirloom seeds do reproduce and reflect the traits of the parent plant. Farmers using heirloom seeds do not have to buy new seeds every year, heirloom seeds can be saved to plant. We act with the obligation to protect the heritage of ancient seeds, which have been passed down for generations; Every year we plant these precious seeds to multiply. In wheat agriculture, the remaining stalks in the field are commonly burned. This in turn harms the atmosphere, the biodiversity and richness of the soil, and the livestock. We include another closed cycle in our production by up-cycling the stalks of the harvest into a Wheat Straw.


For as long as time, soil has been humanities medium for agriculture and we believe that our soil provides our plants the nutrients they need to grow. Our attention to PH levels and a controlled water drainage system allows the roots to thrive in the soil without compromising growth. Our soil has been fed minerals and organic matter over the past seven years ensuring the soil is at the highest quality. Each 1 percent increase in soil organic matter helps soil hold 20,000 gallons more water per acre. So while we’re using compost to enrich the soil, we’re staying away from synthetic fertilizers. In our production model, the wheatgrass roots remaining after harvest and the wheatgrass pulp obtained after juicing are composted and go on a journey of becoming soil again. In addition to reusing waste, this soil production process increases and enriches soil biodiversity and ultimately contributes to our crops being more nutritious.

Zero Waste and Recycling

Ancient Greens acts by considering resource use and its impact on the environment. We make intensive upcycling and recycling activities and permaculture practices. The seeds and soil we use to grow wheatgrass are included in the cycle as soil again. The wheat stems we turn into straws as an upcycling activity and gain value. We turn the pulp of the grass into soap. The remaining residues are included in our permaculture activity to feed the soil. We believe "waste, garbage, leftovers"are not waste until we use them in another way.