Ancient Greens doğaya ve insana saygı, iyi tarım uygulamaları, sürdürülebilirlik ve inovasyon kavramlarını benimseyerek Antakya da kurulmuş ve nesillerdir atalık tohumlardan iyi tarım uygulamaları ile üretime odaklanmış olan, Teofarm çiftliğinden doğmuştur.

Our Sustainability Goals

What We Do

Carbon Footprint

At Ancient Greens, we do all the steps such as research and development, production, packaging, storage, distribution from a single point, we prefer to integrate instead of separating them. In this way, we minimize our operational CO2 emissions and our carbon footprint.

Local & Female Workforce

As a women's initiative, we support women's sustainable existence and advancement in business life. We do not accept the gender roles that limit women to housework and “private sphere” and men to livelihood and “public sphere”. We know the role of female workforce in development and adopt a gender-balanced perspective.

Natural Sunlight

We are aware of the importance of sunlight for the healthy and natural growth of plants. Sunlight spectrum turns into food for plants, increases photosynthesis and helps maximize light-absorbing chlorophyll and phytochemicals as they grow. Chlorophyll helps in purifying the blood and keeping it healthy. The chlorophyll molecule is important because it resembles hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in the bloodstream.

Heirloom Mixture

At the beginning of the issues we draw attention to good and natural agricultural practices; Another essential part of providing quality products is our quality and ancestral seeds. As Ancient Greens, we only use ancestral ancient seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation.


As time is for humanity, so is the concept of land for agriculture. We believe our soil provides the nutrients plants need to grow. provides. In order to provide high quality soil; Our soil has been nourished with mineral and organic materials for the last seven years. Even a 1% increase in the amount of organic matter in the soil increases the water holding capacity of a parcel of soil by 5,200 liters. While we enrich the soil by making compost, we stay away from synthetic fertilizers completely.

Transformation Activities and Waste Free Production

Ancient Greens; It acts by considering resource use and its impact on the environment. The seeds and soil we use to make wheatgrass juice are included in the cycle as soil again. The wheat stalks we grow to get the seeds turn into straws as an upcycling activity and gain value. We turn grass pulp into soap. The remaining residues are included in our permaculture activity to feed the soil.