The Greenhouse

We believe the environment plays a huge role in obtaining the highest nutritional value of our ancient greens. Our indoor and small-scale farm allows us to have better controlled conditions, providing a more organic system without the use of pesticides or other any harmful chemicals. Our controlled water irrigation, calculated air circulation and daily maintenance ensures quality wheatgrass plants to grow

The Freezer

Our juice is farm grown in nutrient dense and chemical free soils. Once harvested, the plants are instantly juiced and flash frozen to help preserve maximum amount of nutrients. ​Flash freezing wheatgrass juice moments after it has been cold pressed, allows for the nutrients to better preserve and stay locked in time, so when unfrozen at a later time they maintain high nutritional value. Freezing only slows the enzyme activity that takes place in foods. It does not degrade them.
100% raw, organic, and unprocessed, our juice is deep freezer packaged to guarantee and maximise the highest preserved nutrients. We seal within a matter of minutes to diminish the oxidation process of the juice and help maintain more nutrients. This allows you to drink the juices nutrients as if it were readily juiced. ​Stores up to 9 months.