About Us


We specialize in quality agricultural practices and preserve the integrity of our farm, workers and production. Based in Hatay, Ancient Greens has stemmed from its mother farm Teofarm, a long-standing farm focusing on quality production from ancient seeds. With a new focus for health and prevention, Ancient Greens leads the way to better meet the needs of consumers through quality wheatgrass juice.

Deniz was raised with a larger consideration for the environment and biological farming practices. Growing up on her family farm called Teofarm, descending from a generation of long standing prestigious farmers based in Hatay, Antakya, (specialising in cotton and wheat production), helped to prepare her for a the professional career path later in life. After attending the Koç university and completing her Bachelor Degree in Economics she continued her education in Milan, obtaining a Masters in Business Design.

It was there where she gained an understanding for the nutritional properties of wheatgrass and pursued this research and a certification at the Ann Wigmore Institution in Puerto Rico. Once completed, she returned to the family farm for a year to gain more experience for natural and sustaining farming practices.


We believe sun light flues plants with exactly what they need to be healthy and grow naturally. This full spectrum of sun light converts into food for plants and allows to maximize photosynthesis and light absorbing chlorophyll and phytochemicals as they grow. Chlorophyll aids in various aspects related to detoxifying and maintaining healthy blood.

It is important because the chlorophyll molecule shows similarities in the structure of the hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in your bloodstream. When consumed, Chlorophyll affects the circulatory system and oxygen supply in the body which helps to cleanse and regenerate. Studies also prove that phytochemicals plays a very important role to kill mutagen and microbes in the body and aid in disease prevention.


For as long as time, soil has been humanities medium for agriculture and we believe that our soil provides our plants the nutrients they need to grow. Our attention to PH levels and a controlled water drainage system allows the roots to thrive in the soil without compromising growth. Our soil has been fed minerals and organic matter over the past four years ensuring the soil is at the highest quality.


Considerations for organic and natural farming practices is a fundamental part to ensuring quality product but the origins of the seed are also worth shining light. Ancient greens only use’s heirloom seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. In most recent years, research has shown that heirloom seeds are more nutritious then newer Hybrid or GMO varieties. They provide more taste because no chemicals have been used during their production.


We believe the environment plays a huge role in obtaining the highest nutritional value of our ancient greens. Our indoor and small-scale farm allows us to have better controlled conditions, providing a more organic system without the use of pesticides or other any harmful chemicals. Our controlled water irrigation, calculated air circulation and daily maintenance ensures quality wheatgrass plants to grow


Our juice is farm grown in nutrient dense and chemical free soils. Once harvested, the plants are instantly juiced and flash frozen to help preserve maximum amount of nutrients. ​Flash freezing wheatgrass juice moments after it has been cold pressed, allows for the nutrients to better preserve and stay locked in time, so when unfrozen at a later time they maintain high nutritional value. Freezing only slows the enzyme activity that takes place in foods. It does not degrade them.

100% raw, organic, and unprocessed, our juice is deep freezer packaged to guarantee and maximise the highest preserved nutrients. We seal within a matter of minutes to diminish the oxidation process of the juice and help maintain more nutrients. This allows you to drink the juices nutrients as if it were readily juiced. ​Stores up to 9 months.