It's hard to stay between your mind and your heart. It is not easy, dear reader;
maybe you have a health problem, maybe you have put too much pressure on yourself in time. Everyone says, “Look, the method is very simple, very easy; while giving a lot of suggestions such as "I did it" or "If you wanted to, you would do it", and telling great applications, amazing before and after success stories; It's hard for you to be in an effort that no one else sees.

It is difficult to try to be healthy, it is difficult to refuse. It is difficult, instinctively afraid of hunger for generations; exposing the body to starvation through diets. Making our brain believe this and trying to make our mind do something that is contrary to it. When you are full, it is difficult to leave if there is still one in front of you, because human beings have lived for generations to eat; He tried to find good food to survive. That is, to stop this inner impulse and to dominate the will at all times. It is difficult to get out of the warm bed, stay from the soft sofa and move. Or it is difficult to wash the greens for a long time when you can actually take something out of the fridge and heat it in 5 minutes. In the market where additives and chemicals dominate the human brain, it is difficult to compete with the taste, ease of use and cost of the product.

So it has not been and will not be easy. But if you are reading this article, it means you are on a quest and you are actually on your way. And let's not forget that starting is hard. That's why you actually did the hard work. We should not forget what we did not do, but also what we did. Even taking the time to read this article is a sign of effort. You're not the only one struggling, you're not alone!

As the Ancient Greens team, we say it is difficult, but we continue anyway! If you want to consume wheatgrass juice in the healthiest and truly “not hard” way, we are here to start. We are here to support you in these days when many things are difficult!


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