Bepeople Röportajı | Klorofilin Gücü Adına: Ancient Greens

Bepeople Interview | By the Power of Chlorophyll: Ancient Greens

Recently We share with you a small part of our interview with Deniz Senliler from the team. the entire interview to this link You can read it by clicking Check out the page for great, inspiring content on finding the “better inside of you”.

What makes wheatgrass healthy?

Wheatgrass; It is a plant with extremely high nutritional value, which is formed by the germination of wheat seeds within 7-12 days after meeting with water. It is usually consumed in the form of wheatgrass juice or powder, as it is quite fibrous and difficult to digest. In addition to 70% chlorophyll, it contains vitamins A, C and E, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium and many enzymes.

The most alkaline foods, including wheatgrass, are said to be 20 times more nutritious than other green vegetables. Is wheatgrass really alkaline?

Wheatgrass is one of the foods that alkalize the body. It's true that almost all vegetables have alkalizing effects when eaten in the right way. Most are actually alkalizing to varying degrees from medium to high. Fresh vegetable juice mixes have the highest alkalizing effect. This effect; It increases when vegetable juices are cold-pressed and consist of the most alkaline vegetables such as wheatgrass, parsley, celery stalk.

Cooking and freezing using domestic freezers destroy live enzymes in foods; reduces their nutritional and alkalizing potential. For this reason, the shock freezing method we use in Ancient Greens is extremely critical. Whole nutritional profile, vitamins and enzymes; It is frozen until the moment Jubes is activated with water and consumed.

In addition, pesticides used in agriculture reduce the alkalizing power of foods. At Ancient Greens, our wheatgrass is pesticide- and chemical-free, much stronger alkalis than vegetables conventionally grown on very large scales.

One of the factors that sets Ancient Greens Jubes apart is that it is naturally sweet – yet sugar-free – unlike the bitter wheatgrass juices you may have tried before. Refined sugar makes the body acidic; but Jubes is a non-acidic sweet drink.

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